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Tips for sending Wedding Invitations

zxfThere’s no doubt about it. Sending invitations can be a time-consuming, emotional task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips getting your invitations in the mail on time and without hassle.

Lay Some Ground Rules

Establishing a few ground rules on the invitation list can save you time and hurt feelings.

  1. Decide what family really means. You probably don’t have to invite the distant cousin your husband-to-be never sees, but make sure you state this in the beginning.
  2. Involve only the real stakeholders. If you are receiving assistance from your family with paying for the wedding, they do have some say-so on the invitation list. Be clear about what that say-so is. Remember, the more people you involve the more complicated it gets.
  3. Decide on degrees of separation. You need to establish a ground rule on what a”friend” really is. Remember, this is your day, so choose the people you want to be there.
  4. Be willing to compromise. Inevitably, there will be someone you really don’t want at the wedding and vice versa. The best way to deal with this

Planning a Wedding Get fit and healthy

zxmkVenue-check! Flowers-check! Speeches-check! Your health?

Amongst many brides to be, this is something that often goes unchecked! Yet with so many things on our mind, our health is often neglected. However, there is truth to the saying ‘healthy body-healthy mind’. Looking after yourself, both physically and mentally is the secret to a happier you.

Planning a wedding is ranked in the top 3 most stressful things a person can do in their life, next to buying a house and losing a loved one. And when the going gets tough, your mind and body need to be fuelled up and ready to roar!

Check out these suggestions for a healthier, stress-free you before and on the big day.

1. Eat right
During stressful situations it is especially important to stock up on those antioxidants, so tuck into plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Chose nutrient dense foods such as wholegrain breads and cereals, lean meat and fish, and low fat dairy. Some people do not feel like eating during stressful times, but eating

Choosing a Wedding Theme

zxswWhen it comes to planning a wedding, for many couples, choosing a theme may be the simplest decision you will make. The most important criteria is to decide upon a wedding theme which best suits your personalities. Choosing a theme first will guide you both in the decisions and selections of the venue, decorations, food and beverage and many other critical details to ensure a perfect and fun-filled day is had by all.

A themed wedding should reflect both the bride and groom and your lives together. The process of planning a wedding can be long and meticulous but it is a wonderful experience for a couple to share, strengthening the relationship further to ensure that when the wedding day finally arrives it will be something for everybody to enjoy and remember.

When it comes to choosing a wedding theme there are many. Perhaps you are looking for a formal and sophisticated theme or a romantic, historical or traditional wedding day. Whatever you decide upon, choosing the right theme from the onset of planning will give you a much better understanding and added focus

3 Reasons to Propose with an Antique Ring

Whether to propose with an antique or modern engagement ring is not simply a matter of style or preference. Here are three reasons which explain why.

  1. Save the World

A wedding proposal is one of the most magical, romantic, beautiful and inspiring acts a person is likely to perform or be part of in their entire life. More, it is an act with consequences that affect two families and essentially bring people together and unite families, friends and communities forevermore. Then, when proposing the last thing most couples will want to do is cause hurt, harm and even put others’ lives in danger. Despite this, that is exactly what millions of couples the world over are inadvertently doing by buying a diamond engagement ring from the high street.

Although in 2016 most diamond mines are carefully operated and their impact on biodiversity and the environment more generally are closely monitored to try and minimise the negative impact diamond mining has, there is none the less an impact of mining anything; the very act of creating a mine changes the earth irrevocably. Then, add to this the energy use involved in diamond mining and emissions it

Tips to choose suitable wedding flowers

Wedding is an exciting, thrilling, enjoyable event that only happens once in life time.  Flowers are integral part of every wedding.  Flowers are required to decorate the venue or to embellish the hands of bride, bride maids, attendant, and boutonnieresfor bridegroom, grooms friends, grooms men and grooms father.  The corsages prepared for the bride’s mother is also very important.  The flower combination used to prepare the corsage shows the creative attitude and concern.  Wholesale wedding flowers provide a space to unleash creative powers for event managers and event organizers.Centre pieces of the tables and to decorate various places where it is important and visible to guests.


Before choosing your wholesale flower vendor, do your research by following all possible ways to find the best in the industry.  It is better if you have witnessed any of their work in person.  Consider the recommendations made by the event organizers, event managers, friends, and relatives ask their opinions and think about other features before hiring a wholesale wedding flowers vendors.  Word of mouth is not enough, unless you know your needs and requirements it is tough to

Funny Wedding Theme Ideas

To many couples, a wedding is a very serious and important day in their lives. To others, marriage is something that is fun and free spirited. The beauty of planning your wedding is that it is completely up to you to determine what type of wedding theme you want to have, and there are thousands of ideas already floating around out there. If you are looking for a funny wedding theme idea to make your big day memorable, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Costume Wedding

One fun idea that many couples choose is to include instructions in their wedding invitations for funny costumes to wear. Some couples choose to have a set theme such as a toga wedding while others leave the costume choice completely up to each guest. You can even take it one step further by assigning a specific costume to each guest yourself, but this can be very time consuming. No matter how you choose to put together your funny costume wedding theme, both you and your guests are going to have an amazing time at the reception.

Comedian Instead of Band

Lastly, there is nothing

Plan Your Wedding In Different Way With Ultimate Costumes

mother 1Everybody has their own dream about their marriage. Some may plan it in different way, while other follows usual way, based on their opinion. Many people’s turning point is marriage, so plan it in unique way. Some may plan it in resort, while others plan it in different places, based on their convenience. It not easy to plan your marriage, it involves more tasks. To help us in this situation, marriage planners are available to provide service for us. They plan marriage beyond our expectation, since they are experts. Only the thing we need to do is, planning our costume. It plays a major role in every occasion, so we need to give special preference for it. Especially bride must look gorgeous in stunning outfit, since it’s the expectation of others who visits the marriage.

Moreover Mother of the Bride makes herself more beautiful in her daughter wedding. She must create attention of others, since she is also the centre of attraction of the guests. More especially fashion designers are more helpful in

Reliable Escort Girls Agency In New York

Okay, you then decide that you need New York escort girl while having your time in New York. However, do you know where to go? Within few good escort girls agencies that you may find in New York, is a worth considering destination for escort girls not only with stunning beauty you’ll adore, but also the knowledge that they have. Not to mention, some of you, probably, have kind of impression that escort girl is only a beautiful girl that you hire to conquer your lust. For sure, in some point it is, but still it is not a mere thing.

Back to NY Real Girls, the availability of the girl that you find there is not only from numbers, but also from its kind. They understand so much that each person has their own taste of beauty. Other men may love a calmer type of escort girl, perhaps with a bit shyness personality. Meanwhile when it comes to you, it may be different as you expect for a daring and hot girl as your escort girl. Not stopping there, the services are also varied, from incall and outcall to dates for

How To Choose An Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Course

Unfortunately both these assumptions are incorrect as far as the Asian hair and makeup training is concerned in the U.K. If one conducts a pole of ex hair and makeup students, they will overwhelmingly agree with this, unfortunately this would be after the training is completed and the money has been spent on the course.

So what makes students continuously fall into the same trap time and time again? Well, it would seem that there is a universal rule which states ‘you get what you pay for’ and hence if you pay more for your Asian bridal hair and makeup training then you will get better results. The problem is not so much with this universal rule, but in its understanding. It is supposed to be used as a rule of thumb, not as a rule of fact, i.e. yes, generally the more expensive courses will produce better results, but not all, and further evidence should be sought of the teacher’s talents as a hair and makeup artist, and also their teaching abilities in order to choose the right tutor for the Asian bridal hair and makeup course.

With regard to the popularity of the trainer for the course, one should really

Find the true happiness you have to find with the Gent escort agency

Are you a single? Or should we say, do you like hanging out with a girl, the attractive one? Well, maybe you do not do that a lot, but who could help when a stress really strikes you and nobody could release the hectic on your mind but those attractive girls? Experiencing the rushing hour in a working place for instance, we believe a mere trip to a place with good scenery wouldn’t be enough. In that case, you need somebody who can bring and show you the actual pleasure and we know the solution of this typical problem.

Introducing, the Gen escort agency who really understands the problem of every single or even married man. Regardless of what you needs are, Gent escort agency with the Gent call girls would help you to find out what is the true meaning of happy. Comfortable to communicate, knowing how to spend your time and having a combination of the thrill of a new pretty acquaintance with the ease of an old friend are absolutely the plus of their service. Like we have said before, no matter what your problem is, or no matter who you are,

Best Evening Gowns from Greater Kailash

Every occasion has a suitable dress for them at least in the human world. The most beautiful ones with no comparison are the evening gowns no doubt. These dresses show the ultimate class one can carry. Also, these also help in providing the best kind of thefirst impression one deserves. The problem though arises when doesn’t know which type of evening gown to select for oneself. One should always choose the perfect dress that matches their body types. The shops in Greater Kailash very much focus on these criteria while making their dresses. A perfectly shaped dress can be the reason why we consider one the best dressed.

Which gowns suit which body shapes?

There are different kinds of body shapes that humans deal with. These bodies have their own highlights. Specifying these particular highlights is the first motive why these evening gowns are important in the first place. The following tips can definitely help one in selecting the perfect evening gown for them:

  • The HourGlass Body Shape: A perfect body shape that can be available around. With perfect proportions to both sides and an ever beautiful highlighting waist one can boast about

Innovative Wedding Invites

Indian wedding is all about doing things out-of-the-box and making every single occasion count. When you are planning to organise a “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, you should plan every minute details wisely. Invitation card is an integral part of your calls for proper planning and execution. With the passage of time, these cards have transformed themselves and are have now emerged as a matter of prestige. Wedding card selection sets the tone and theme of the wedding. Various new and innovative ideas have changed the whole perspective how wedding card is looked upon.

Though there are many new ideas which have flooded the market these days, there are quite a few of them which are truly worth giving a try. Wedding card vendors are coming up with many unconventional ideas to woo the couples. Some of the online wedding card suppliers like Giant Invitations, myshadicards, a2zWeddingCards, Seven Colors have spoilt you with the options they are providing. The variety in color, design, material and price that you will get these days is far more than earlier times. You can further customize your wedding invitation card according to your need and requirement. Some of the latest innovative designs for wedding invitation which

Beautiful Flowers for a Memorable Wedding in Chicago

Finding perfect floral decorations for such an auspicious occasion is not an easy task. A wedding is a beautiful and once in a lifetime experience that every bride or groom cherish for the rest of their lives. Wedding florists can give life to an event and soul to a wedding, one right choice can make a long-lasting impact on everyone’s life. A Chicago based wedding florists known for their innovative ideas for floral arrangements. Wedding Florists in Chicago gain quite a reputation because of their award-winning decorations and themes. Their ability to customize their services according to client’s requirements yet creates a masterpiece is phenomenal. Professional florists understand your emotions and sentimental value attached to wedding and deliver spellbound results. Their commitment towards delivering a piece of art makes them essential to do justice to this auspicious day.

Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder; presentation of wedding flowers in Chicago mixed with fabric, graphic designs can make your wedding pop and dreamy. People usually do not understand the importance of wedding florist and hire anyone they find easily. Later, when the face major problems on the occasion they have no other option than regret.

There are numerous creative ways of

Shopping for Up Weddings

Weddings in UP are steeped in culture and tradition with major emphasis laid upon rites and rituals. A saadi in UP is grand and filled with fun and frolic. The main essence of the wedding comes in preparing for it. Since weddings in UP are an elaborate affair, a lot of time is spent in planning and shopping for the wedding essentials. We tell you in detail about what goes into organizing a UP wedding.

Wedding Attire- A quintessential part of a wedding

The bridal trousseau forms an integral part of a UP wedding. The bride is beautifully clad in a heavy work lehenga and chunri while the groom looks dapper in a traditional sherwani, jootis and a turban. Some grooms also take a silk dupatta around their neck to add to the glamour of the outfit. Today most brides and grooms try to colour coordinate their wedding outfits. Hence, it is one of the first few things that should be jotted down on the wedding shopping list as it takes a long time to get the right attire and to find a good tailor to get it stitched perfectly.


It is every bride’s dream to be decked up in her favourite wedding

Hire Proper Photo Booth Rentals For Weddings And Other Occasions

Hiring a photo booth for personal occasion or any official celebration has become recent trend among the party organizers. There are some well organized event management companies who have introduced the concept of hiring Photo booth rentals for weddings and other occasions and through them one can organize a great get together with their friends and family members.


The idea is to install a photo booth at the venue where the guests can take high quality natural photographs of the event on their own without being disturbed by the ever running photographers behind them. The photo booths may be adjusted from all sides and one can prefer to have elevators or staircases inside in order to give the most stunning look to the snaps taken during the occasion.

Within few minutes of the snaps, one can get the hard copies of the same and may keep it as a priced possession forever to remember the moments spent together with loved ones. There are quite a few Photo booth rentals New York where there are dedicated employees who would help in every possible way in order to take lovely snaps of the occasion.

The photographs

What Type of Wedding Vendors Will You Need

You’re getting married! It’s going to be the happiest day of your life. You’ll see all your friends and family and you get to marry the person of your dreams of course. The day will be absolutely perfect. There is just a few things that you need to think about. For one thing, you will need to check out the different wedding vendors in your area that are going to be available for your wedding day. After all, without them you can’t have that beautiful wedding of your dreams.

So what kind of wedding vendors do you need? Well you need to get a DJ and a caterer. They will be necessary at the reception after your wedding. You will also want a florist and a pastor, which will be important at the actual wedding ceremony. You will probably also want a photographer or maybe even a videographer to record the ceremony and even parts of your reception. All in all, there are many different wedding vendors that you may want or need for your wedding. You will likely need to check out a lot of them before you finally select one of each.

But that’s not all you

Affordable and Quality Wedding Planner in the Industry Now

Planning weddings is not something easy for all. Experience is the key to succeed here. Experts can do it to total perfection all the while just because of their innate skills, and established contacts, as well as rich experience in handling things in the related arena. Wedding Planners can be selected only based upon their merits.

Trace out the genuinely honest five Star Banquets planning services. It makes a lot of sense to do so. You can find the remarkable options online now. In fact, if you are not finding luxurious ones you can just choose to settle for the reasonable cost effective solutions too. Yet, prestige matters for some though. Take time to find a customer’s centric Cruise Weddings planners. It can be a royal pride to celebrate so. Wedding Planning can take time but finally it has to be something noteworthy or scintillating like that to be etched in your memories forever.

So, do the planning right first off. Either it is Wedding Decoration or any other related task; you can find the best solution online. It is nice to deal with a courteous team of Trossauea expert planners. Planning is the key to success. Experts can come up with

Wedding Planners An Integral Part of Weddings

We all want to curtail our financial burden when it comes to planning a marriage. Thankfully, it is possible with the availability of wedding-planners today. All we need to do is hire the right planner who can help us plan the most memorable day of our lives!

A wedding_planner will greatly reduce the issues that you will face while planning for your marriage. It is easy to get stressed at the mere thought of the required planning because you are probably too involved in the preparations of the wedding-and you tend to worry about the arrangements, the execution of your_wedding plan and much more. In order to get rid of all the stress that comes along with awedding, it is recommended to hire a wedding-planner!

A decent wedding planner will definitely help you to remove the stress factor from your marriage plans. He/she takes charge of all the preparations and that too with you still being in control. A wedding&planner will ease your load while you plan your wedding and also ensure that it will be a memorable day in your life. In fact, there are a great many things that are a part of his/her services of being the wedding.planner.

Wedding planners

Top Considerations When Looking for Reliable Celebrity Management companies

Hiring a celebrity management company to help you achieve your goals and desires as a brand can be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make. The best celebrity management companies can uplift your brand in ways you could never manage on your own.

But finding an agency that suits your needs and budget can be a gruesome task. It all comes down to your budget, expectations and how well they are able to deliver. Here are a couple of things you’ll have to consider when looking for such a PR company.

What kind of campaigns have they done before?

Experience is a very integral part in the PR industry. There’s a lot that an inexperienced firm cannot be able to offer you. It would be wise to ask the event management company if they have run similar campaigns or at least worked with artists or brands in your industry. Look for someone who has experience in promoting or managing what you do because you can gain a lot from them.

Will you be working closely with the employees?

It’s very important to maintain close communication with a PR agency or event management firm. The reason is that, a lot may go

Heartiest Feelings Expressed In Glittering Punjabi Wedding Invitations

Think Punjabi and think of fun, frolic and more fun. The large heartedness of Punjabi’s is well known. And to top it, if there is a Punjabi wedding, then of course the very floodgates of hospitality are opened for all. Usually these weddings are on a grand scale with food, music and dances with the highest energy levels to keep up the celebrations going in full swing.

The marriages in Punjabi culture are a reflection of their beliefs and customs and traditions. As soon as the decision has been made to tie the knot, first and foremost the Punjabi Wedding Invitation Wordings are chalked out, as the printing of the invites has to be immediately finished. This is undertaken so that the guest list can be put in order.

Punjabi Wedding Invitation: An Announcement Of Ceremonies In Store

First thing that is done after the decision has been to taken to get married is the Rokka ceremony, in simple terms the unofficial engagement where the grooms parents and relatives come over to the brides place and exchange gifts. At this time, it is decided that there is a wedding to take place soon.



4 Reasons Couples Should Use A Wedding Planner Website

Wedding planning is not an easy task by any means and even with tools at your disposal you may still be a bit frantic at times. Couples who choose to utilize wedding planner websites are less stressed out and can actually begin to enjoy the process more. This is the technological age and most wedding couples are more comfortable browsing the web than meeting people in person and with a wedding planner website they can make decisions on their most important choices from the comfort of home or without having to give up a day at work. This brings me to the 4 biggest reasons that a couple should use a wedding planner website.

1. Time – with all of the organizational tools and available wedding vendors in one place you can browse at your leisure. The wedding vendors are there for many of the items you will need to plan a successful wedding. With the guest lists program it is a lot easier to add and remove guest and arrange them in order of importance. The email RSVP actually counts the returns for you so you always know who and how many are coming. This is a valuable time saver.

Special Wedding Events To Be Included In The Islamic Wedding Card

Committing to a partner is an important part of one’s life, be it a man or a woman. Getting engaged and planning for a wedding is something which is considered special, not just in India but all around the well. In India, there are lots of communities, and marriage ceremonies in every community are celebrated with happiness and joy all around.

Talking about the Islamic weddings, they are exclusive because of the rituals and traditions involved. The weddings in Muslim community last for maximum three days. However, before anything starts, there is a great role played by the wedding cards.

Phases of Muslim weddings in Islamic wedding card

After the marriage is fixed between the two families, the first ceremony which is celebrated is Mangni or engagement. It is basically a ring ceremony where the couple exchanges rings with each other and make a commitment of living a life with the partner. Some families celebrate Mangni just a week or couple of days before the marriage; hence it has to be included in the Islamic wedding card. However, if engagement is done just after the match fixing, then it need not be included.

The Most Exclusive Designer Wedding Card Custom Made According To Your Choice

Making a decision to get married is one of the most magical moments in anyone’s life. However these occasions are never complete without getting the invitations printed in the right manner. The trend nowadays is exclusivity in all spheres. Especially when there is a wedding celebration, everyone wants all only the good things to take place that pleases one and all.

The wedding starts with the special invitations that make an announcement to the guests, which can be most magical with a Designer Wedding Card. The moment the guests get them, they should be able to imagine the grandeur of the event to come. All this is made possible with these cards, which are so exclusive and classy that it sets them apart from the other cards. The greatest plus point of these cards is the class they have. Crafted with the latest designs and logos they are a sure to please all.

Reasons Designer Wedding Card is Classy

1. Celebrating an event: It is but natural that as soon there are wedding celebrations the cards are on the minds of the parents and the couple. This is so because the wedding is a

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